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Creating visuals that seek to explore a moment.

I’m Nicole,

I offer photography and video production to individuals looking to document personal milestones & businesses and brands seeking personalized, engaging content.

I see the film and photo work that I do as the avenue through which you or your business is not only to be seen, but understood.

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Authenticity is Born

in Approach

It’s been my experience that business owners typically recognize the need for visuals: (photography, video) but often opt to do it themselves or pay a small fee to a friend or a family member and are left with unclear or unsatisfying results.

I’ve worked with individuals and businesses in photography and video production for years and I’ve learned that the deepest impact comes from the smallest distinctions: lighting, camera angles, phrasing, — in video, it matters, often, more where the clip begins than what the clip is about.

These details have become instinctual to me, which for my clients means I can deliver results that matter in the form of an image or video clip that they are proud of.

The end result? an authentic & transparent display of value.


So much more than a service.

I love what I do. I want you to be a client for life + I will always treat you fairly.