Hi, I'm Nicole

Photographer | videographer | CREATIVE

There comes a time when you find your fit, your purpose and your passion.

I found it in the heart of storytelling through photo and film.

Today, I feel a pull to create work that allows others to capture and share their own special memories with a style and aesthetic that remains authentic to who I am. Broadening my horizons, literally and figuratively, in pursuit of what inspires me every day has been the best move I’ve ever made. I hope that through this I can encourage you to remove yourself from your comfort zone and just do it, whatever that means for you.

Act on that business dream; take those photos you’ve convinced yourself you’re not ready for; prioritize yourself and let me provide you with whatever visuals may help you effectively share your story with the world.

I started this business in 2019 to help small business owners and creative entrepreneurs curate web content that would effectively tell their stories. What started as a side hustle with a focus on web design, online presence and branding quickly turned into a full time photo and film venture when I decided to incorporate, and eventually shift full-swing into photography and videography.

A lifelong camera enthusiast, I have always been fascinated with the ability it’s lent me to not only preserve my own memories, but also to convey the overwhelming sense of awe I’ve felt in moments of significance. This sentiment holds true for both static photos and video